Face of the Classroom & Visual Learning

Face of the Classroom

One of my favorite things about having an online classroom presence is that I can easily share materials and resources with students, and students who are absent can find missing assignments. Here is my classroom website:


Visual Learning

  1. One of my favorite web resources is ReadWorks.org – The link was originally given to me by a colleague earlier this year and I have utilized it many times. It is full of wonderful articles of various lengths that come with reading comprehension questions. I use it a lot to help my students practice reading comprehension before standardized texts.                                                                                                          wordle  According to the website 108 Ways to Use Word Clouds, there are a ton of ways to utilize a word cloud with the texts found on readworks. I like the idea of putting one of the articles into the word cloud, or part of one, to let students look at the words and make predictions about what they will be reading.
  2. My students are currently reading Romeo & Juliet and watching a film version of the play. Soon they will be comparing and contrasting the movie to the play. Here is a venn diagram they could use to help them organize their thoughts before writing: http://www.gliffy.com/go/publish/image/7750335/L.png
  3. QR Code to school website (I can’t promise it works as the school website never does!) qrcode.28750545
  4. An infographic for Spanish:  https://infogr.am/bailes_latinos-78

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